Friday, March 18, 2005

Working Together

Last weekend I went to a family gethering in a hotel up in Amsterdam, New York.

While my favorite - Coca Cola had a machine on the main floor serving both Coke and Dasani (Coke's filtered water product) the party goers were served Pepsi from the fountain - after a few Pepsi's I went to the machine and purchased a bottle of Coke which was so much more enjoyable than what was coming from the fountain.

Why should my enjoyment at such an affair be spoiled (or my enjoyment of whatever food I am eating be lessened) because of one company winning out over another or one company owning a territory?

I may put in a request to have legislation drawn up so that it becomes a legal mandate for individuals to be allowed to bring their own drink to any event or food establishement to assure that they are allowed to enjoy their meals wherever they go!!!!

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