Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sunday, September 18, 2005

All too often -

At a party - at a wedding or a restaurant - a person will often try and fool me by passing off another drink as a Coke - Even though they may have their "fun" for a moment with their fooling game I might not say anything - but this foolishness only makes me want Coke even more since there is absolutely no way that any other drink can satisfy me like a Coke - they just don't taste the same - any of them!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Even as a late night snack

Sometimes I wake up late at night (or early in the morning) and the only drink that will quench the thirst that I have is a glass of coke.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The idea behind someone being in your target market or
not seems
fine from one perspective, but do you remember the
Beatles, and if you do - do you remember when was the
first time that you heard their music?

I do - back in the 60's and I believe that the first
time I heard some of their songs I did not like them -
not that much, but then sooner or later they turned up
on the Ed Sullivan show, and hearing them with
thousands of screaming girls in the background changed
my listening capacity for what they were playing, and
then they came to Forest Hills for their first live
concert in the U.S. where they were flown in by
helicopter, and my Friend bought a whole row of seats
6 rows away from them and gave me my ticket free!

I went of course and will never forget the deafening
screams, the pink hair rollers the girls were throwing
down with their phone numbers and love letters stuck
in them and then there was the girl who was sitting
next to me, who when the Beatles got on stage and the
crowd jumped up with unbounded energy and I stood up
with all of the others around me, all of us standing
on the chairs, this girl, this complete stranger threw
her arms around me, I was thirteen at the time and too
embarrassed to remember anything else, but from that
time on at least I was intent on learning what those
words and music were saying to the people there and
around the world and how I could tap into the
"electric juice" as I thought of it, that electrified
my entire world eventually, because I saw that even my
father, who at one time did not like that Beatle Music
stuff, eventually when it was toned down for his ears
as able to listen to it in a jazzed up way and maybe
some of it in it's original raw state as well.

So in reality, nobody in the beginning is part of
anyone's "market" until and unless they are exposed to
whatever it is that is being presented and
persistently enough, along with enough energy
enthusiasm and pier reinforcement so that they soon
become willing at least to listen to what is
happening with the girl next door! And then the music
become part of them!!!

This if course is my opinion, but even one of the
Rockefeller's has a quote right their in Rockefeller
Center about persistence being the most important key
to success - so I certainly hope eventually that you
become one of my fans:


thank you!


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lime in the Coke

They put lime in the Coke and sent it all around -

They put lime in the Coke and stopped the belly aching

They put lime in the Coke and made it taste different

The put lime in the and caused the boundries breaking

Monday, May 09, 2005

A good thing to have

when you want to sit down and really think about something deaply and in a serious manner -

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

As a pre-breakfast drink!

Of course - when you wake up and it is much too early for breakfast or if you have been working all night and it is not yet quite time to eat a full breakfast meal - a coke is a delicious way to help you slide right into that part of the day -

Monday, March 21, 2005

About Pepsi -

I would like to mention here that I sometimes do enjoy a Pepsi Cola and also that the Pepsi Cola company does make one of my most favorite drinks - Tropicana Orange Juice and all of it's many varieties - Grovestand - Original etc.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Working Together

Last weekend I went to a family gethering in a hotel up in Amsterdam, New York.

While my favorite - Coca Cola had a machine on the main floor serving both Coke and Dasani (Coke's filtered water product) the party goers were served Pepsi from the fountain - after a few Pepsi's I went to the machine and purchased a bottle of Coke which was so much more enjoyable than what was coming from the fountain.

Why should my enjoyment at such an affair be spoiled (or my enjoyment of whatever food I am eating be lessened) because of one company winning out over another or one company owning a territory?

I may put in a request to have legislation drawn up so that it becomes a legal mandate for individuals to be allowed to bring their own drink to any event or food establishement to assure that they are allowed to enjoy their meals wherever they go!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Rite Aid has got it Right!

Yes - For quite some time I would walk into one of the local drug stores when I was in a certain area looking for a soda and then I would remember that for some reason this particular chain only carried Pepsi - and then I would look and look to see if things had changed - and then I stayed away for quite a while - and to my surpirse just the other day - they were displaying all sizes of Coca Cola - now there is a company that has learned to change at least for the tastes of one customer!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

my fIrst Coke

One hot summer day my father drove up to the local Carvel stand and outside there was this big red machine that dispensed the old green bottles - that was the first and I can't imagine how life was without Coke before that -

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

at the coliseum

The other day while watching the "Stars on Ice" at the Nassau Coliseum in Long island - I could have really enjoyed a Coca Cola along with a hot dog or a bag of chips - instead of there being Coke there though - they had Pepsi all over the place along with this giant Pepsi Banner in the middle of the field hanging from the ceiling just staring down at me - reminding me throughout the entire show that they did not have my favorite drink on hand -

The New York City Subways

I was sitting in a subway car yesterday on my way from Queens to the City (Manhattan) and since the cars were stopped between stations I began to get thirsty and the idea came to me as to how nice it would be to have a person right there offering small cups or bottles of Coca Cola to each of the passengers to make their ride to and from the City or wherever they are going a little more pleasant.

There used to be (a long long time ago - almost so long ago I almost forgot) vending machines that dispensed soda to passengers waiting at the different subway stations.